23 Jan 2013

Support for the draft resolution on Bulgaria by NGOs

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"We are writing to support the proposed Resolution on Bulgaria and, in particular, continuation of the post-monitoring dialogue.
We represent a group of the leading Rule of Law and Human Rights NGOs in Bulgaria, and based on our work we would like to share our assessment of the progress of the judicial reform in our country.  In what follows, we would like to briefly substantiate our conclusions that:
•the principal challenge faced by the Bulgarian judicial branch is that its independence continues to be seriously undermined;
•the key factor eroding judicial independence has been pressure by the government and political and economic vested interests;
•fundamental structural reforms are needed to eliminate the institutional basis for corruption and political and economic pressure;
•sustainable reforms in Bulgaria can only be ensured by international involvement.
We believe that these conclusions provide a strong argument in favor of the concerns and the recommendations of the draft Resolution, as well as for preserving the post-monitoring dialogue as a means of ensuring that they will be addressed by Bulgarian authorities...."
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