Here enclosed plsease find the last issue (2/2015) of our IAJ-UIM newsletter.
In this copy is providing an  information on some of the main subjects treated during the 2015 springtime meetings of the four Regional Groups and of  the Presidency Committee.

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Article by Rosen Bosev published in newspaper Capital on 23.05.2012.

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Article by Miroslava Todorova published  in newspaper Pressa on 26.04.2012.

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Following the arrest of robber
Tsvetanov to name police operations after judges who release criminal offenders 
PM Boyko Borissov: “I’ve arrested half of this group myself.’’ 
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Article by Petya Vladimirova, published in newspaper Dnevnik on 01.06.2011.

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Articles published in newspapers Dnevnik, Capital, Trud in 2010-2011.

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Deutsche Welle

Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: A whodunit with a fatal end 
Why is the Bulgarian court either on the wrong side of the bar or in the role of a mental defective? And what will be the end of the whodunit in which the court is the villain, and the Prime Minister is the hero? The answers – in Marinela Lipcheva’s commentary: 
Blessed times have come for Bulgarian TV audiences. Local TV channels may be short of quality films, but newscasts offer plenty of crime stories disguised as reality shows with well-known faces and names starring. And every time, as it may well be expected from commercially oriented filmmakers, justice is done! The problem, however, is that it is not administered where it should be, as the court, which is by definition responsible for the administering of justice in a rule-of-law state, is downgraded to the humiliating position of a defendant, or even worse: of a mental defective. 
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Article by Petya Vladimirova published in newspaper Dnevnik on 25.03.2012

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